Clients Connected

Total number of clients connected to the network providing work.


Registered Services

Total number of services utilizing the dPoW network.


11 listed

Requests in Past 24 Hours

Total number of work requests processed by the dPoW network in the past 24 hours.



Average Difficulty

Average work difficulty as a factor of the base difficulty of Nano. The higher the factor, the more computational power it takes to solve the PoW.



Average Requests

Average number of work requests processed by the DPoW network. Timezone is UTC.


Day Hour Minute

Average Response Time

Average Time it takes to provide a work value on the DPoW network. Timezone is UTC.



Donations are used to pay the server costs and the Proof of Work calculation payouts for non-profit services who use the DPoW Network.
Donations for the DPoW Network can be sent to nano_1dpowzkw9u6annz4z48aixw6oegeqicpozaajtcnjom3tqa3nwrkgsk6twj7

Live Response Time

Displays the response time of the most recent 25 work requests.


A list of Services utilizing the DPoW Network. If a website is provided, clicking on the Service name will send you to their home page.
Name Total Requests
NanoSpeed 78070
Nanovault 69156
Nano-Faucet 17934
Natrium 17377
Reddit Tip Bot 13263
@nanotipbot 10709
Discord Tip Bot 3105
Jayycox Services 1810
NanoQuake 456
My Nano Ninja 191
repnode 0
7 Unlisted Services 23863

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A ranked list of payout addresses for clients providing work. Clicking on the address will take you to Nano Crawler to see the payouts provided.
Rank Address Precache Work On Demand Work
1 xrb_335...uodgh 29925 78750
2 xrb_313...od59o 13233 40279
3 nano_1k...jg4dd 8929 29410
4 nano_3q...fua4a 5115 11922
5 nano_1j...d9xym 651 3037
6 nano_1d...4sjqk 625 2057
7 nano_1s...3eifr 259 257
8 nano_1n...nzr3r 0 0
9 nano_35...kz1t3 0 0
10 nano_3f...uwm4y 0 0
11 xrb_11a...i4cxh 0 0

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